Why the NYC Marathon is Renowned Globally

The NYC marathon is one of the most popular events of its type in the world. It started in 1970 with 127 entrants, but only 55 people finished the four laps around Central Park in that inaugural race.

About 50,000 people now compete in the event, with NYC expanding it to all five boroughs to let runners experience the charm of the city. Participants from over 125 countries come to strap on their running shoes.

Although the 2020 event went virtual, the race is expected to run in 2021 as scheduled.

Why Does the NYC Marathon Hold Such Charm?

People love the NYC marathon because of the stories found within the races each year.

Where else could Grete Waitz win a record nine marathons while crossing the 2:30:00 threshold on her final event?

What about when Silva and Paredes were neck and neck in 1994 when Silva turned the wrong way on the 26th mile – and still came back to win the race by two seconds?

There is also the story of Deena Drossin, who ran the fastest debut for an American woman in the event’s history after the September 11 terrorist attacks, to take home the title?

Everyone has a story when they run the NYC marathon. Most people won’t compete at a professional level, but that doesn’t mean their running steps don’t leave a mark on the city.

Why Run the NYC Marathon?

Most runners love the support that they receive along the route. Over one million people come out to cheer on everyone, which makes it one of the world’s most popular events.

You also have the stunning bridges in NYC to see and run across. Even the start at the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge creates a fun moment of anticipation.

The NYC marathon is also a place where a personal best time isn’t typically in reach. That means more casual runners can come to enjoy the event without worrying about someone getting offended for slowing them down.

Registrations for the 2021, 2022, and 2023 events opened in 2020 to counter the COVID crises. More information about the application process is found here.