What You Need To Know About NYC Public Transportation

New York City’s public transportation system, called the NYC subway, makes it easy to get around without having to drive, pay high taxi fares or rent a bicycle. But did you know that there are many lesser-known facts about the subway system that may surprise you? Read on for some fascinating facts about NYC public transportation!

Myths About Subway

There’s one misconception about NYC public transportation that really gets under my skin. It’s how people think you can only use it if you live or work in Manhattan. This couldn’t be further from reality. The subway system reaches virtually every corner of New York City, and there are even discounts available for out-of-towners!

Subway Travel Has Become A Common Thing

After 9/11, people were hesitant to get on subways because of security. But NYC public transportation has greatly improved over recent years, and ridership is growing. The New York Times’ Brian Brooks says that we’re becoming a subway society – with both a good and bad side. You’re commuting more easily but dealing with crowding issues more often than you would have historically.

Benefits Of Subway

New York City Subway is a kind of rapid transit system. The subway serves more than 5 million passengers every day, making it one of busiest and largest rapid transit systems in North America. Its top benefits include convenient location, low cost, numerous routes, speedy travel, cleanliness and efficiency.

So, this is everything you need to know about NYC public transportation. We hope that you would try NYC public transportation.