‘What Is The Weather Like in New York City’ During Each Season?

New York City is nationally recognized as the city that never sleeps, the city of dreamers, and dream chasers. If you’re planning on moving to New York City, there are several things to take into consideration. One such factor is the weather. Depending on where you’re coming from, the change in weather might be very intense so you must know what the weather is like.

Generally, New York has humid weather, but the level of humidity differs from season to season. There are four seasons in New York.

  1. Spring – March, April, and May
  2. Summer – June, July, and August
  3. Fall – September, October, and November
  4. Winter – December, January, and February

*Note that this is based on 2020’s weather chart.

In Spring, the weather in New York is warm after the winter season. This is when the weather transitions from dry to somewhat wet.

What is the weather like in New York during spring?

  1. New York is prepping for the summer, so it is fun and lively.
  2. New York is much easier to walk around in during the Spring; however, there are still chances of rain.
  3. The weather ranges from cool to warm on a day-to-day basis.
  4. The weather ranges between 2°C and 11°C in March, 7°C and 18°C in April and, 12°C and 22°C in April.

In Summer, the weather in New York is very warm. This is the most popular time to visit New York City as the city is very lively. There are beaches nearby, and there are many free tourist attractions to enjoy.

What is the weather like in New York during the summer?

  1. The weather is warm, humid, and sunny.
  2. New York is warm most days in the Summer.
  3. In May, the weather ranges between 18°C to 27°C in June, 20°C to 29°C in July and August.

In Fall or Autumn, the weather in New York consists of warmer days and chilly evenings. Central Park is a sight to see during fall.

What is the weather like in New York during the fall?

  1. The weather is a combination of warm days and colder nights.
  2. In September, the weather ranges between 16°C to 25°C, in October, 10°C to 18°C and in November, 6°C to 13°C.

Finally, we have winter. In winter, New York is cold with snowy days.

What is the weather like in New York during the winter season?

  1. The weather is cold, and you’ll need lots of layers, snow boots, and warm coats.
  2. In December, the weather ranges between 0°C to 7°C. In January, the weather ranges between -3°C to 4°C, and in February it ranges between -2°C to 6°C.

If you’re a tourist looking to visit, the best time of the year to visit New York is mid-June to early July and then early in August till late in September. The first week of September usually has the highest number of tourists.