What Are the Most Beautiful Murals in NYC?

The street art in New York City is incredible. It is an ever-evolving scene where some of the world’s best urban artists come to play.

Although you can always find the typical tagging and other graffiti forms throughout the boroughs, numerous murals have also gone up in recent years.

These are the places you’ll want to visit whenever you’re staying in the Big Apple.

1. Hammer Boy

There’s a Banksy original in New York City that still exists. Although he held a citywide event in 2013, most of the work was covered, removed to be sold, or tagged. This one piece on the Upper West Side is still in its natural state since the building owner installed a shield to protect it.

2. Audubon Mural Project

This project commissions street art murals throughout Upper Manhattan, focusing on bird species threatened by climate change. You can follow an entire map of fun art projects to visit when you’re in the area.

3. Wall of Fame

This epic block of street art goes by an unofficial name, but it has a pedigree you must see to believe. The bricks are coming down on it, which means you don’t have much time to see the ideas from Phetus, MSK, or Iz the Wiz.

4. Johnson Avenue

The industrial block here in NYC is the perfect spot for street artists to practice their work. When you walk along the warehouses in Brooklyn, you’ll find several murals that show off the urban skills found in the city.

5. Two World Trade Center

The metal shed that covers this future skyscraper’s foundation offers proof that urban art has been legitimized. Several artists covered the area with bright images, ranging from anime to pop art, to capture your attention.

6. Hunts Point

This façade sees numerous murals getting painted over the years by the Tats Cru. It’s been active since 2008, and they invite numerous artists to come to try something new. There isn’t wheat paste, carving, or political commentary, but everything else is fair game.

What are some of the best urban art scenes you’ve come across during your travels?