NYC Celeb Sightings

New York is the city that never sleeps; it is popularly referred to as the Big Apple. It is home to many celebrities we are familiar with from our TV and phone screens. It hosts several movie sets. TV actors, singers, athletes, and movie stars mingle among the 8 million inhabitants of the big city. News reports also show that many celebrities such as Madonna, Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, and Hugh Jackman live in New York City.

There are many news articles about celeb sightings in New York City.  We did some research to find places that celebrities frequent in New York City. We do not, however, encourage anyone to stalk these locations. Keep in mind that celebrities are human too.

Brooklyn Heights just one of the Brooklyn neighborhoods where stars live. Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Jennifer Connelly, and  John Krasinkiare are just a few of the stars who reportedly have homes in the neighborhood. Other neighborhoods celebrities are known to live in are Tribeca, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho, etc.

Barclays Center is home to the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. It is also a venue for premier concerts and other events. Celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cents, Amy Schumer, Naomi Campbell, and others have been photographed at the Center. The NBC studios are situated at the Rockefeller Plaza. The studio hosts TV shows like ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ which has interviewed various celebrities.

Celebrities need to eat too. The ParkSide restaurant in Queens is one of the best Italian restaurants and a favorite of celebs. It is known for its Italian cuisine, classy ambiance, and reasonable prices. Rao’s is an elite Italian restaurant with a long reservation list. It is so difficult to dine here that you would have to be a regular like Nicholas Pileggi, Billy Crystal, and Rob Reiner. Bill and Hillary Clinton have also dined at this exclusive restaurant. Lucali, Polo Bar, 21 Club, and Rainbow Room are a few of the restaurants where you could bump into a celeb while in New York.

Speaking of hotels, there stands a chance that you might lodge in the same hotel as a celeb. especially if it is one of New York’s luxury hotels. The Carlyle is an Upper East Side hotel with a long list of celeb clients such as John F. Kennedy, Harrison Ford, Naomi Campbell, Vera Wand and Lenny Kravitz. Other notable luxury hotels include the Mark Hotel, The Standard, The Bowery Hotel and Hotel Gansevoort. 

We wouldn’t want to forget, of course, the airports. You never know, a celeb might be arriving or taking off. Don’t forget also, Central Park where many celebs are known to visit and film. You just might sight a celeb near the numerous film sets in the city. You could also meet celebrities at film festivals, and if you’re extremely lucky, you might even meet a celebrity right in the streets of New York. Who knows?