Most Renowned Fashion Brands HQ’d in NYC

New York City is one of the world’s top fashion capitals. With startups and global brands coming here each day to change the industry, you’ll find about 200 different companies operating in this field on any given day.

There’s a difference between the fashion startups and the most renowned brands with their headquarters in NYC. How many of these names do you recognize?

Tiffany and Co.

When you visit NYC, the trip isn’t complete without a stop at 200 Fifth Avenue. This flagship store spans over 400,000 square feet across seven floors. If you can get a peek at the boardroom, the penthouse as its own library, and a well-stocked, high-end pantry.


Bernard Arnault is the CEO and Chairman of this fashion brand – and the wealthiest person in the industry. This luxury goods conglomerate represents over 70 different top-end brands, including Fendi, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. Their tower on East 57th is an iconic landmark on its own that you’ll want to visit.

Nike Inc.

Although the origins of the Nike brand are in Oregon, its headquarters in NYC cover 150,000 square feet on six floors. The company moved to the city in 2017, creating an integrated design studio, a huge indoor basketball court, and a complete sports hub for people to enjoy.

Conde Nast

This media company promotes the fashion industry to the extent that the trends the four primary magazines of this brand discuss become the next marketplace movement. The publisher has its headquarters on Broadway with a view that looks straight into the financial district.


The founder of this company, Emily Weiss, got her start as an assistant in the Conde Nast family of publications. Even though it is only 7 years old, the brand received over $86 million in direct funding. Their headquarters takes up all three floors of their building in Soho. It has a powder room, a red vanity, and vintage furniture – and every conference room is named after a powerful woman.

Fashion will always be synonymous with NYC. These brands are a small sampling of what you can find in the city daily.