Most Attractive NYC Buildings to See

When you visit New York City for the first or next time, one of the buildings you need to see is the Empire State Building. It was a world wonder when it was built, standing 102 floors high in midtown Manhattan.

It was built from 1930-1931, rising to 1,454 feet in the air with its antenna. It was the world’s tallest building until the World Trade Center started in 1970.

The Empire State Building owners didn’t make a profit until 1950 because of the Great Depression and World War II.

After you see it, here are the other beautiful buildings that you’ll want to view in New York City.

1. UN Headquarters

This building occupies an area from 42nd to 48th Street along the East River. It opened in 1952, representing a global hope to avoid significant conflicts in the future. Although the 39-story tower is the iconic part of this property, the complex is three buildings in total.

2. The Century Building

When you visit this building, you’re stopping at a 1931 masterpiece that would have a sister built the next year called the Majestic. It’s a machine-age style architecture that stands over Central Park with a slight art deco style.

3. New York City Hall

Most American buildings don’t provide the look or feel of something you’d see in Europe. The styles are often closer to Greek, Gothic, or mid-century modern. This building is an exception to that rule. Its construction started in 1803, and you can’t help but appreciate the French Renaissance design and overall revival elegance. Two US Presidents have lain in state here: Lincoln and Grant.

4. 550 Madison Avenue

People call it the “Chippendale Building.” It stands 647 feet tall at the corner of 56th and Madison. It has been part of the city since 1984, serving as the headquarters of AT&T. It’s an excellent example of post-modernism in NYC.

5. Seagram Building

With this design, you’ll find that less is still more. It was completed in 1958, but it still feels like a modern addition to the city. You might see a simple square at first, but you must start looking at the details. It’s clad in bronze, offers an extensive granite plaza, and looks fantastic at night.

What are some of your favorite buildings to see in New York City?