How to Make Friends in NYC

It isn’t always easy to make new friends when strangers surround you. When you move to NYC and don’t know anyone, you can feel alone with over 20 million people nearby in the metro area.

If you want to know how to make friends in NYC, these options can help.

1. Choose Co-Living

Try co-living with your first NYC home instead of renting an apartment. You can share the space with lots of other people, choosing to have your own room or share one. It’s a fast way to meet a lot of new people.

2. Accept Invitations

Invitations are connections. When you receive one, make sure to accept it! Although it might be tempting to back out at the last second, making plans is a great way to meet others.

3. Be Proactive

Some roommates or co-workers choose not to have social experiences together. You can always make the first move and offer a chance to spend time with one another. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant outing. Grabbing some coffee is just fine!

4. Search Apps and Sites

Places like Meetup and Eventbrite can put you in touch with other people in similar situations. Try to find a niche interest group because you’re more likely to mix with some like-minded people. 

5. Volunteer in the Neighborhood

If you find a great cause in NYC, you can meet others by volunteering. You can be a mentor, serve meals, help at the food bank, or teach skills to people with chronic underemployment.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to meet friends in NYC. If you take steps like these after moving here, you’ll build up your connections quickly. Before you know it, they will be connecting with you to take in the city’s sites, museums and restaurants.