How Long Does It Take To Walk The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River in New York City, connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. In order to get from one side of the river to the other, you need to cross the bridge. It’s one of the most iconic bridges in New York City and a must-see tourist attraction if you find yourself there. But how long does it take to walk across? We’ll tell you!

Brooklyn Bridge History

Named for a famed 19th-century engineer, who not only designed it but also oversaw its construction, which began in 1869. The bridge opened on May 24, 1883. It was built with more than six million pounds of wrought iron and steel. More than 30,000 people attended a special ceremony to celebrate opening day.

Things To Know Before You Go

Get there early and make sure you walk with friends, especially if it’s your first time. Also, make sure to stop at every viewing platform and take in as much of that skyline as possible. Along with its historical significance, walking across gives you some great photos.

How Long Does It Take?

Walking across Brooklyn Bridge is about a mile, or about three-quarters of a kilometer. If you’re traveling by foot, it will take about 15 to 20 minutes if you walk at a moderate pace. This means moving at 2.5 to 3 miles per hour.

Tips And Tricks On Walking Across

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City’s most famous landmarks, with iconic views of Lower Manhattan and New York Harbor. From Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan to Cadman Plaza East in Brooklyn Heights, it’s a 2,465-foot walk. If you want to cover that distance with any kind of speed, you should have a proper plan.

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