How Fit Should I Be for the New York City Marathon?

If you enjoy running, you’ll find events available at multiple distances to enjoy. When you first get started, a 5K run might be a great choice. As your fitness levels get better, you can step up the distance.

Eventually, runners who want to compete on the biggest stages often convert themselves into marathon athletes. This lengthy route covers a 26-mile course (with some extra yardage), and it was one of the original modern Olympic events.

If you want to be in the New York City marathon, here are the fitness expectations to follow.

1. Put in the Mileage

It takes time to get your body up to the base mileage requirements of a marathon. You should plan for this process to take up to 20 weeks. You’ll want to build your weekly distance to 50 miles in the months leading up to the race day.

2. Long Runs

You need to do one long run each week when preparing for a marathon. You might start with ten miles to avoid an injury for the first one. On the following weekend, expand the length to 12 miles. Go to 13 the next, followed by 14, and so on until you reach the marathon distance.

3. Speed Work

Although this step is optional, it can increase your aerobic capacity. It’ll make the runs feel easier to complete. You can do it as a tempo run, intervals, or any other methodology you prefer that lets your body warm up and cool down.

4. Rest and Recovery Days

When you take a rest day, that means you are doing no running. Your muscles need the chance to recover from the taxing activity. You can also burnout running all the time. If you need to be active, try doing some cross-training. That might include lifting weights, yoga, swimming, or cycling.

It takes about four months to plan for a marathon so that your body is ready. Don’t forget about hydration needs on the course so that you can have a successful experience! Once you get this routine in place, don’t forget about adding items from Integrative Therapeutics and Thorne Research into your routine. Stay healthy, and prepare to run in the midst of the towering buildings of New York.