Best Things to Do in NYC’s Chinatown

You can find NYC’s Chinatown tucked between Tribeca and the Lower East Side. It’s a neighborhood filled with hidden gems, letting you find bubble tea shops, hand-pulled noodles, and markets everywhere.

If you have a day to wander Chinatown, here are some of the best things you can experience in the city. 

1. The Crown Rooftop Bar

The Crown Rooftop Bar is one of the best new places to visit in NYC. It delivers a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline while you get to enjoy some of your favorite beverages in an establishment that features an outdoor setting

2. Columbus Park

This spot is the biggest green space in Chinatown. It’s where people come to play mahjong, chess, and other games. You’ll see people performing Tai Chi or working through their current poomsae in the morning. In the afternoon, you can have your fortune told or play some cards.

3. Canal Street Market

You’ll find plenty of food vendors here with tasty things to try. Although the dining areas are limited, most items are meant to be finger food anyway. You can even find some Korean options for sale.

4. Chinese New Year Parade

A huge parade happens in Chinatown each year that brings out the local culture. It runs down Mott and Canal Streets, then Broadway toward the Manhattan Bridge. You’ll see all the lanterns, dragons, dancers, and more.

5. Mahayana Temple

NYC is home to the oldest Chinese temple on the East Coast. It’s open to the public all year. You can join services that take place on the weekends, although they’re often in Mandarin.

Chinatown has many fun things to discover. What do you hope to find when visiting?