Best Hidden Outdoor Dining Spots in NYC

You survived the COVID-19 pandemic. Your medicine cabinet is still stocked full of Douglas Laboratories and Terry Naturally items.

You might even have your COVID shots out of the way.

Life is starting to get back to normal. That means it can be a lot of fun to find the best hidden outdoor dining spots in NYC.

Here are the best places to try if you’re looking for a new favorite.

What Are the Best Culinary Hidden Gems in NYC?

1. Fat Choy

For less than $10, you can find veggie-centric Chinese food that everyone loves at this great spot. You’ll find some juicy bok choy, crispy fried garlic, and rice rolls topped with gai lan awaiting your arrival.

2. The Migrant Kitchen

This hidden gem offers Latin and Middle Eastern fusion with a pub-grub atmosphere. If you love the idea of fried chicken and falafel with a Southern flair, this spot is the perfect place for a meal. You’ll find fried plantain chips, a Palestinian stuffed gourd, and lots of sumac butter to slater on everything.

3. Bilao

Located near hospital row on the Upper East Side, this restaurant is one of the best options in NYC for authentic Filipino cuisine. You’ll find all the traditional dishes along with a few surprises, such as a bowl of kare kare that uses peanut butter extravagantly.

4. Gage and Tollner

You’ll find this hidden gem on Fulton in Brooklyn. Their original opening date was scheduled for the day that COVID stopped all indoor dining. Now you can stop to enjoy its 19th century interior while enjoying a fantastic chophouse. You can grab a whole boiled porgy with creamed spinach, along with at least a couple of martinis.

These fantastic dining spots offer incredible opportunities to get outside and enjoy NYC. Where do you think you’ll stop first?