Best Ferry Ride Tours of New York

If you want to see NYC from a unique perspective, the best way to see the islands is by boat. You can take a ferry to see most of the landmarks, and a one-way fare is under $3. The cost is the same as it is to ride the subway.

Here are the routes to consider taking to enjoy this tour of New York City.

1. Rockaway Route

It can take some time to make your way over to Rockaway. It would be on the other side of Brooklyn if the borough were filling a sandwich with Manhattan on the other side. The total time is 57 minutes for the complete route that starts at Pier 11 (Wall Street) and ends at the beachfront community.

2. South Brooklyn Route

This ferry trip connects the residential communities and waterfront parks to the job centers in Manhattan. It has six different stops along the way that take a total of 44 minutes one way. It starts at Corelears Hook, hits Wall Street, comes to the Brooklyn Bridge at Park Pier 6, and eventually takes you to Bay Ridge.

3. Astoria Route

When you want to see the western part of NYC, you’ll want to hop onto this ferry route. It connects the growing areas of Roosevelt Island and Western Queens to the rest of the city. A total of seven stops happens along the way, with East 90th Street and Pier 11 serving as the endpoints.

4. St. George Route

The newest ferry route in NYC connects Staten Island to Battery Park City and Midtown West. The final schedule isn’t out yet because it is expected to start at some point in the summer of 2021. It should take about 35 minutes to complete the route, and you’ll get to see the skyline the entire way.

When you ride the ferry in NYC, you’ll have a fun and affordable way to see the city. With multiple routes available, it’s much easier to island skip with this option.