Architectural Inspirations Found in NYC

When you want to find a beautiful building in the United States, NYC should be one of the first stops on your itinerary.

You’ll find numerous styles dominating the cityscape, along with a few hidden gems that get tucked in amongst the skyscrapers.

Here are the spots you’ll want to linger when visiting New York City if you love architecture.

What Are the Best Buildings in New York City?

1. Apollo Theater

This Harlem masterpiece opened its doors for the first time in 1914. Everyone from Prince to Billie Holiday has performed at this neo-Classical icon. It actually began as a burlesque theater until the city campaigned against that form of entertainment.

2. Chrysler Building

For 11 months, this NYC landmark was the tallest building in the world. Even though it’s been upstaged several times since 1930, the Art Deco design still turns heads. It even has eagle gargoyles.

3. The Dakota

Opened in 1884, this building is still used as an apartment complex. Its roster of celebrity residents over the years is massive, from Roberta Flack to Lauren Bacall. Even though it is more than a century old, it continues to be the standard for classic luxury living in Manhattan.

4. Flatiron Building

You can find NYC embracing practical architecture and odd shapes in what ends up being a unique fusion at times. This building is a prime example of that attitude, standing up to 285 feet tall while only being 6.5 feet wide at its narrowest point. It delivers a Beaux-Arts façade that locals love.

5. Guggenheim Museum

This contemporary art museum delivers a modern twist on architecture that is unique on its own. It was one of the visionary designs from Frank Lloyd Wright, allowing the building to have form follow function.

What are some of your favorite buildings to see in NYC?