According to New Yorkers: What Makes a Good Pizza

You’ve started your morning routine with confidence. It’s going to be a good day as you get ready for work, grab your enzymes from Jarrow Formulas or Thorne Research, and prepare to get through your to-do list.

The morning is flying by with record speed. Pretty soon, your stomach reminds you that lunch is right around the corner. What should grab for a quick bite?

If you’re like millions of Americans each day, you’ll reach for a slice of pizza. Here’s what makes a good pie, according to New Yorkers.

What Are the Trademarks of NY-Style Pizza?

1. A Hand-Tossed Crust

Although you can find variations throughout NYC, the traditional pizza should have a hand-tossed crust. If the product is too thick, the toppings will cook too much during the baking process. When it’s too thin, you’ll be eating charcoal. That’s why you want a happy middle.

2. Full-Fat Mozzarella Cheese

You don’t want to put fresh mozzarella cheese on a New York pizza. It should be sprinkled with a dry and grated product, preferably made with a full-fat product, with a coating thick enough to cover the sauce without overwhelming the flavors.

3. Pepperoni or Cheese

In theory, a NY-style pizza can have any toppings on it if the crust is foldable. Today’s pizzerias know that pepperoni or cheese are the best options to use. You can get away with a sausage-pep combo or add peppers, but anything with extra moisture is usually not going to work.

4. NYC Tap Water

The tap water in the metro area helps the pizza dough get its characteristic flavor and texture. It’s such a crucial component of the recipe that out-of-state pizzerias transport the fluid across the country for authenticity.

5. Condiments

The typical NYC pizza offers garlic powder, dried oregano, dried basil, grated Parmesan, and red chili paper flakes.

Are you feeling hungry yet?