6 Tips for Riding a Bike in NYC

Traffic in New York City can be terrible at all hours. When you consider how much it costs to park a vehicle, almost anything else becomes a viable option.

For many people, that means riding a bike in NYC is the best way to get around.

If you’ve invested in a bicycle, here are some tips to help you navigate the city safely. 

1. Ride in the Streets

Unless the cyclist is 12 or younger or the wheels are under 26 inches in diameter, NYC encourages you to ride in the street.

2. Ride with Traffic

Most people were taught to be a pedestrian by moving against traffic to stay safe. When riding a bicycle, you become a street-legal vehicle. You should ride with the traffic instead.

3. Stop at Control Signals

Since you’re a street-legal vehicle, you must stop at all control signals in NYC. That includes a red light or a stop sign. Any pavement markings must also be followed. If you don’t take this step, there is a chance you could be ticketed. 

4. Go with the Walk

If you are a pedestrian on a bicycle, you must follow the same rules as those who are walking. That means you must wait for the appropriate signal unless alternative signage is available. 

5. Use Marked Lanes

NYC encourages all riders to use paths or marked bike lanes whenever possible. If the road is too narrow for you and a car to travel safely side-by-side, you have the right to be in the middle of the lane. Even when no designated route exists, a bicycle is permitted on all local and main streets.

6. Have Safety Equipment

Bicycles should have a red taillight, a white headlight, and reflectors to ensure visibility. It also helps to equip your ride with a horn. Don’t forget about your helmet and other safety apparel! 

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