6 Survival Tips for Cycling in New York City

Once you’ve taken your favorite NuMedica or Thorne Research items and geared up, you’re ready to take your bike into NYC. Cycling the streets can be a challenging experience, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the territory.

That’s when you’ll want to incorporate the following survival tips into your daily routine.

1. Find the Bike Lanes First

Some streets don’t have bike lanes. When you look at the current NYC map, you’ll notice that some roads create a patchwork of different spaces. That’s why it helps to plan your route first.

2. Change at Work

You don’t need to ride to work in your good clothes. If your office doesn’t have a shower, you can bike in a t-shirt and change once you arrive. Don’t forget to bring your deodorant!

3. Take Your Time

You don’t need to ride as fast as you can when cycling around NYC. When you slow down, it cuts down on the sweat and the stress.

4. Assume the Worst

Don’t expect other pedestrians or drivers to see you when riding a bicycle. Even with more people hopping onto the saddle, it’s not unusual for people to step into a bike lane without a second thought. Some drivers will open their doors without looking.

5. Get a Bell

A loud bell lets people know you’re there. Use it often. It’s a suitable warning for pedestrians who decide to camp in the bike lane while waiting for the traffic to clear.

6. Lock It Up

It’s better to keep your bike inside whenever possible. If you lock it up, the frame and both wheels must be secured. 

With these tips in mind, you’ll find that cycling in NYC can be a fantastic experience!