5 Ways to Live Cheaply in NYC

NYC is famous for its skyline, diversity, and high cost of living. If you want to live in Manhattan, it could cost you $3,500 or more just to get a studio apartment. 

It’s not unusual for households in the city to be spending 50% or more of their income on rent. That means you have less cash available for other things, like food or entertainment.

When you know how to live affordably in NYC, here are the best tips to follow.

Ideas for Frugal Living in New York City

1. Cook at home.

You’ll save a bunch by getting groceries each week. If you don’t have a store close by, consider using a delivery service that works with your schedule.

2. Buy rides in bulk.

If you take more than 47 rides on the bus or subway each month, get the unlimited MetroCard. You’ll save more per ride that way. Some employers participate in the NYC Commuter Benefits program so that you can pay with pre-tax income.

3. Shop the thrift stores. 

Thrifting is a survival method in NYC. You can still get brand names without breaking your budget when shopping in secondhand stores.

4. Use the free admission days.

Some museums are always free to enter. Others let you pay what you can afford. For the bigger ones, wait for the free admission days that happen once per month. Some even stay open later on the first Friday of each month to let you linger longer.

5. Get roommates.

When more people live together, the monthly rental share decreases. Although you’ll be sharing space, the cost benefits are worth having some company.

How do you save money living in NYC?