5 Things to Know Before Riding the Subway in NYC

Public transportation in NYC delivers one of the best service options you can find in the world today. It can also be a jarring experience if you’ve never encountered what it is like to be on the subway.

These tips will help you know what to expect from the experience.

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1. Hold onto Your Metro Card

It’ll cost $1 to purchase a new one if you lose your Metro card. If you’re in NYC to visit, a 7-day unlimited pass is your best deal. When you’re a local, there isn’t a more frustrating experience than waiting behind tourists to refill your balance as your train leaves.

2. Where Are You Headed?

The difference between Downtown and Uptown is sometimes nothing, but it can also be everything. If you’re in Manhattan, “Uptown” means Queens, while “Downtown” is Brooklyn.

3. Let the People Go

Before getting on your subway train, it helps to let everyone trying to exit leave first. Some people think the doors will close on them if they don’t dash in right away. They won’t.

4. Move Fast

You either move it or lose your seat when boarding the subway in NYC. Unless you’re heading to a close stop, it helps to work your way toward the center of the car. If you stop, everyone is going to run over you to get there.

5. Bags off the Seats

You get one seat on the subway with your Metro card. That doesn’t mean you can put all your stuff from the day on the space next to you. 

The subway can be convenient, but it also gets a bit crowded. When you know what to expect, the experience tends to be better.