5 Characteristics of a New Yorker

It can be a fantastic experience to live in New York City. When people first move here, it can also provide moments of culture shock.

NYC is an entirely different experience for most people. Once you get used to these characteristics of a New Yorker, you’ll find the city tends to be warm and welcoming in its own way. 

1. Suspicious Attitudes

Life in the city follows a simple rule. If you don’t look at me, then I won’t look at you. You’ll find friendly people willing to chat in the park or at the bodega, but don’t expect conversation while walking a few blocks. 

2. Zero Patience

If you have poor manners, someone in NYC will call you out. Most people have no patience for the person who inconveniences everyone else to get their way. That includes being the person who takes a Zoom call at the subway’s entrance.

3. Pedestrian-First Approach

Native New Yorkers make vehicles wait for them, not the other way around. If someone steps right from the curb without paying any attention to what is coming, you can bet they’ve spent life in the city.

4. Prefers the City

Central Park is an incredible urban natural environment. Several other green spaces in the city deliver excellent experiences. Many New Yorkers find themselves feeling uncomfortable in these areas or traveling to a rural part of the state. 

5. Straightforward Approach

You always know where you stand with a New Yorker. Life is too short to deliver anything but honesty. That means you might get some feedback that’s a little tough to swallow.

NYC is one of the best places to live in the United States. You have access to virtually everything at any time of day. If you live here long enough, you might see these characteristics developing in your life!