5 Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in NYC

When you want to have an enjoyable evening in NYC, the rooftop bar and restaurant culture is a great experience to embrace. 

You’ll be able to raise a glass to the setting sun, spend time with friends, and enjoy something tasty.

What Are the Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in NYC?

1. Westlight

This stylish rooftop destination creates an industrial atmosphere that the black and white floor tiles enhance. You’ll be on the 22nd floor here, putting you at the top of the neighborhood. NYC stretches before you, delivering an amazing view that you need to see to believe.

2. The Crown

You’ll need to be patient when visiting this rooftop destination, but it’s worth the wait. The incredible view of the skyline from the 21st floor is breathtaking. You can find everything on the menu you’d expect from a world-class destination.

3. Dear Irving on Hudson

Located in Times Square, this chic hangout is a fantastic place for getting a drink and a quick snack. It feels like something out of a 1970s spy movie, especially with the velvet couches.

4. LloHi

It might be on the fourth floor, but the panorama is still fantastic. You also get to avoid the inflated prices that often come with rooftop bars and restaurants in NYC.

5. Gallow Green

This secret garden offers unique cocktails, including the namesake product that includes citrus, ginger, blue curacao, and bourbon. You’ll get to spend time underneath the vines that make the West Side Highway feel a world away.

If your are looking for something more than a meal from a food truck, the best rooftop bars and restaurants provide a social atmosphere while letting you see the best of NYC. What are some of your favorite spots to visit when visiting the five boroughs?