5 Best Hidden Spots in Central Park

It can be lots of fun to explore Central Park on a beautiful day. Since most New Yorkers don’t have a backyard, this 843-acre spot provides lots of natural beauty with its location between Central Park West and Fifth Avenue.

Whether you enjoy a picnic at Sheep Meadow or go horseback riding around the reservoir, numerous activities are there for the entire family to enjoy.

If you only see the most popular spots in the park, you’re missing out on a grand adventure! Here are some of the best hidden areas you’ll want to try to find.

List of the Best Hidden Areas in NYC’s Central Park

1. The Loch

This stream runs through the North Woods. In the early days of the area, it was referred to as “Montayne’s Rivulet.” With the renovations on the overgrown forest recently completed, it’s one of the park’s most beautiful areas.

2. Seneca Village

Before Central Park was conceived, a predominantly African-American village occupied the western edge between 82nd and 85th. About 200 people called it home before the government authorized eminent domain. In 2011, an archaeological dig uncovered stone foundations and other artifacts. You can take tours through the Conservancy.

3. Bank Rock Bay

This spot at the north end of the lake is the best place for birdwatching. It’s tough to find the narrow inlet, which is why it’s one of the quietest areas in the park.

4. The Blockhouse

You’ll find the oldest building in the park near Central Park West and 109th. The city built several fortifications to survive the War of 1812, but the Blockhouse was the only one to survive.

5. The Ramble Cave

People walk by this hidden gem in Central Park without realizing what they’ve missed. It was a popular hangout in the early years for kids, but the city bricked it over because of the trouble people were causing.

What are some of your favorite spots in Central Park to find?