4 Bad Things About Living in New York City

It can be lots of fun to live in New York City. For some people, the experience can also be one of the worst moments.

Although one of the best cities on the planet is far from perfect, you can undoubtedly find some endearing qualities in NYC when you know where to look.

Even then, your relationship with the city can feel like a long marriage. Here are the irritations that you might end up finding.

1. You Wait for Everything

The checkout lines at almost any store are ridiculously long. It’s often worth it to pay more somewhere else than to deal with the hassle of waiting for over an hour in some situations.

2. The Cityscape Changes

It only takes about three months for NYC to evolve. Empty lots make way for massive skyscrapers, while stores come and go at a rapid pace. It can be challenging to get your bearings straight with all those changes.

3. Inflated Costs

New York City is one of the most expensive places in the U.S. to live. The cost of living is almost double the national average. A glass of wine often costs $15, and that might come from a $10 bottle. Once you see the rent, expect to pay around 50% of your salary for those costs.

4. Trash on the Streets

Millions of people generate a lot of garbage. It usually rots on the street until the sanitation department picks it up. Not only is there that smell to manage, but you can also see the occasional rodent picking through everything for a meal.

New York City can be a fantastic experience. It’s a place where you’re always embracing a competitive edge. That’s why if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.